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Method – The way I approach all things now that I have finally matured is that I always think about the long term. I want to be around for a while and I also want this for the people reading and watching my content.

Before I do anything or put anything in my body I want to be sure and aware of the known risks. This comes before the taste, the look, movement, or anything else that could easily distract me from a long game decision.

Vitality is about feeling good, living long and being active. For a long, not a short time.

Thinking – My thinking or philosophy is constantly challenged. Because so many people just want it now, and can’t wait for something to grow and build strength. My view irritates the immature and compliments the experienced person.

I am a firm believer in reducing white noise or clutter from one’s life, the majority of things happing in people lives is not necessary and seems to be the bulk of many peoples problems, but never looked as one of the causes.

My philosophy and thinking are heavily influenced by simplicity. I am an academic simpleton. I am happy, and mindful, relaxed all the time, but this took time and brought appreciation with that time.


push yourself
because no one
else is going
to do it for you

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reach your potential

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